Text Messaging
Text Messaging

If you’re ready to start text messaging for your network marketing business, there are several factors that you need to keep in mind. First, your message must not abuse the user’s privilege. The second is that your message ought to be concise and direct. Moreover, your message must provide something of value to the prospect. In other words, it must present them with a compelling offer or crucial information. If you can do this successfully, your text messages will get the same attention as a friend’s.

Indirect Approach:

Often the best way to approach a network marketing prospect is indirect. Instead of going straight for the hard sell, you’d better put the prospect at ease. You can create a natural curiosity and build rapport by making it feel comfortable. In addition to being practical, an indirect approach will help you to get more leads.


When it comes to network marketing, personalization is vital. You can use data to make your text messages more relevant to your prospect. You may, for instance, add your contact information and their first name to the message. You can also use link shorteners to shorten web links and insert them into your message. Finally, ensure your text message has a compelling Call-To-Action (CTA). Your call to action should be clear in what you want people to do.

Whether at a networking conference or want to catch up with a lead, text messaging is a great way to make your connection with your network marketing prospect feel more personal. You can send a text thanking them for their time, announce new blog posts, and even follow up with a survey to see if they’d like to learn more about your business. Text messages can be a great way to show a prospect that you care about them and help to build customer loyalty.

Choosing your goal is the first step in generating an SMS template. Usually, the goal is to attract people into network marketing, but figuring out how you will do that is tricky. Once this has been determined, you can make an SMS template to get you started.

Automated Workflow:

An automated workflow is an excellent tool for your network marketing prospect outreach. It allows you to schedule messages automatically and send them to many contacts. You can use this tool to send introductory texts to prospects and reschedule reminders about sales meetings. This tool frees your time to build relationships and provide personalized training and consulting.

To automate your text messaging to network marketing prospects, use an autoresponder. An autoresponder is a series of text messages sent at set intervals. You can use this tool to send your network marketing prospect additional resources, educate them about your product or service, or even offer a free trial. Another great feature of an autoresponder is its data collection capabilities. If your network marketing prospect has provided their contact information, you can use the autoresponder to collect that information.

Another feature of an autoresponder is its ability to send out drip messages. These messages are easy to create and implement; you can send them one at a time or every week for up to three months. This will instantly keep your company at the forefront of your network marketing prospect’s mind. In addition to drip sequences, you can send mass text messages to announce new products or specials.


Shortcodes are an effective way to engage your network marketing prospect and provide them with a relevant message. They can also be used on social media channels, email campaigns, and digital marketing platforms. In addition to increasing conversion rates, they can help you build your list of SMS phone numbers faster. According to studies, nine of ten texts are read within three minutes. This compares to just six percent for email messages, which often sit in the inbox long after the sale has ended.

SMS notification campaigns are also great for promoting events or limited-time offers. You must first sign up with a shortcode provider to launch an SMS notification campaign. After accepting your application, you will need to pay a charge for a random five- or six-digit short code. You can use different shortcodes for different campaigns and use different keywords for each.

Dedicated short codes and shared short codes are the two types of short codes. Dedicated short codes have a specific keyword, while many businesses use shared codes. For example, Joe’s Pizza’s short code will be “PIZZA,” while Paul’s Dry Cleaning will use “CLEAN.” The main advantage of dedicated short codes is that they offer more security and message deliverability.

TCPA Regulations:

If you’re considering using text messages to reach out to your network marketing prospect, you should know about the TCPA regulations. This law restricts automated text messages, including those sent to emergency numbers. It also prohibits the use of hateful or confidential text messages. Luckily, some exemptions exist for certain businesses, including nonprofits and emergency services. Violations can result in fines.

While it’s not illegal to send text messages to your network marketing prospect, you should make sure you’re following all TCPA regulations to stay compliant. Text messages are a great way to reach customers quickly and easily. However, it would help if you never forgot to get their permission first.

In network marketing, an SMS aims to attract people to become part of your business. It is essential to have a strategy to ensure your messages are more personalized. Using SMS templates helps you create your voice and style. Your images and links can be added to your messages to personalize them. In addition, enterprise-grade SMS platforms allow you to include custom fields to make them more personalized.

Use different fonts and styles to highlight important points. Use bold to make your message stand out, but avoid using it too much. This can make it look unprofessional. Also, refrain from using CAPS LOCK. Writing in all caps gives the impression that you are yelling at the reader. In addition, avoid using a lot of special effects, such as flashy logos. In addition, use a simple, clean layout.

Another great advantage of text messaging is that it reaches a more significant number of people with less effort. You can send a message to hundreds of leads in just a few seconds. Additionally, text messages can be more personal because they go directly to the person receiving the message. You can also divide your leads into groups and communicate with each group separately.

Using QR Codes:

QR codes are a powerful tool for marketing online. They enable you to present information at the appropriate time and location. A QR code can be used in various ways and is simple. You can add a text call to action, such as “scan me for more information or to sign up for special offers.” QR code generators can be found online for free, or you can pay a few dollars to use more advanced features.

You can increase engagement and interaction by placing a QR code on a website or business card. Just make sure that the code is big enough to be scanned. Remember to place the code in a prominent location so people can quickly scan it. This way, they will be more likely to interact with your content, and you’ll be able to convert that curiosity into sales.

All sizes of businesses can benefit from QR codes. They are great for posting social media updates and promos and can even be used on receipts and menus. To increase purchases, include a call to action on each QR code.

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