Is Public Utility a Good Career Path
Is Public Utility a Good Career Path

There are many job opportunities in the public sector, including working for a public utility. These utilities provide energy and services to the public and always need more employees. They are a growing industry, with many customers and an increased emphasis on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. Some typical jobs in public utilities include safety inspector, accountant, engineer, and customer service representative. Here at Towards Digital Skills Writings, we will tell you about “Is Public Utility a Good Career Path”?

Exelon Corp:

If you’ve been looking for a new career in public utilities but are not sure what to do, you may want to consider working for Exelon Corp. As one of the largest companies in the industry, this utility services holding company is committed to developing talent and offering rewarding careers. Employees are recognized for their dedication and knowledge and are given many opportunities to grow in their roles. Growth and personal development are essential for an excellent job, and many public utility companies place employee development at the core of their mission.

Careers in public utilities are a solid choice if you are looking for a rewarding career that will make a positive difference in the community. These jobs are generally well-paying, secure, and offer attractive benefits. Despite their high risk, these jobs are rewarding and often come with above-average pay, benefits, and opportunities for advancement.

The public utility industry is growing, and the job market is also expanding. In the United States, approximately 172,232 people were employed in this industry in 2020, according to Statista. That number is anticipated to rise to 212,565 by 2026.

Certifications and experience are needed in the public utility sector. To work in this industry, you typically need a degree in engineering or a closely related discipline. This industry can be suitable if you have the required education and training. The industry is growing fast and is a safe investment. These businesses honor their financial obligations and offer reliable customer service.

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Public utilities are a vital part of the economy, and careers in this field can pay well. They require safety regulations and a focus on improving distribution systems. Typical salaries in this field exceed the average American wage of $53,000. In addition to outstanding salaries, many public utilities offer excellent growth opportunities.


Exelon is one of the largest public utility companies in the world, and its people-oriented culture makes it an excellent place to work. Its employees are recognized for their commitment and knowledge, and they have opportunities to move up the corporate ladder. The firm provides a comprehensive benefits package, including a 401(k) match, health insurance, tuition reimbursement, and more. In addition, the company values employee growth, a hallmark of many other public utility companies.

Exelon has several positions for college students, including internships. Most jobs require an online application and a phone interview. Other requirements may include a drug test and background checks. Because of the competitive nature of the hiring process, it is essential to be well-prepared for the interview and to make an impression on the hiring manager.

As an industry leader, Exelon is committed to addressing the utility sector’s challenges. The company is also improving the regulatory environment for electricity generation and transmission. It supports new policies in the PJM Interconnection, the nation’s largest grid region, which aim to reduce barriers to using distributed energy resources, including rooftop solar and battery storage systems.

Chicago-based power behemoth Exelon. It has helped the Department of Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering at the University of Illinois (NPRE). This support has helped enrich the educational experience of Illinois NPRE students. As a result, many alums have gone on to work for Exelon in the nuclear power field. Exelon’s support has taken the form of student scholarships, and the company has also established an endowed fund for students.

Consider working for a company like Exelon if a career in public utilities interests you. This Fortune 150 company produces and distributes electricity across parts of Illinois, Maryland, and Washington. The company is also a significant investor in clean energy, and they’re actively looking to expand its electric vehicle fleet and improve energy efficiency.

Exelon has a cost-driven structure and focuses on reducing expenses through automation. Its biggest expense driver is the cost of goods, but it also has fixed costs and variable fees. In addition, the company generates revenue through sales and services to its customers.

There’s a lot of room for growth in the public utility industry. Although a few positions in the sector require specialized training or work experience, most institutions accept applications from people without knowledge. As a result, this sector doesn’t discriminate based on experience and education. In addition, big companies offer reasonable remuneration, mentorship, and career growth.

Public utilities aren’t the best choice for anyone looking for an outstanding job. The majority of public utility jobs are routine and boring. They’re also not for creative individuals who enjoy the adventure. Public utility jobs are often constrained by bureaucracy, the long chain of command, and repetition. However, if you’re interested in making a career change, public utility employment might be the right fit.

Public utility careers don’t necessitate a college education. In actuality, many of the highest-paying jobs in the sector merely call for a bachelor’s degree. However, if you’re interested in a career in public utilities, you might want to pursue a certification or two in related fields.

Public utility employees receive benefits and incentives, including award leave, pension, paid vacation, and special bonuses. These benefits vary in value, and the length of service plays an important role. Long-time employees will receive higher rewards than those with shorter tenure. Public utility jobs also pay well, and many workers have higher salaries than those in the private sector.

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